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"Have you ever had that feeling— that you’d like to go to a whole different place and become a whole different self?"

- Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)


 Night Watchman’s Journal <야경꾼일지/Yagyungkkoonilji >

Featuring: Jung Il woo, Yunho, Go Sung hee, Seo Yeji, Yoon Taeyoung, Kim Sung oh

Pilot date: August 4 (2014)

Street to Palacio Santa Catalina(la fortaleza), Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. #puertorico #street #oldsanjuan #sanjuan #nofilter #lafortaleza
Area del mangle en las Cabezas de San Juan, Fajardo, Puerto Rico.
#fajardo #puertorico #nofilter

Aurora and Milky Way near Tromsø, Norway, Wayne Pinkston

Distant shores
© Juan Manuel Saenz de Santa María, 2014

Dog Owners Will Understand&#160;»

this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day


Suzy speaking the truth

And that’s why every woman who wears make-up always wears their make-up while they’re just sitting around the house alone, doing fuck all, right?

Oh wait, no they don’t.

Women, almost universally, only wear make-up when they are going to be seen. In other words, they wear it so that they will look better to other people - both men and women.

So unless all the women who wear make-up have started wearing it every second they’re at home, I’m gonna go ahead and call bull shit.

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Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked in an interview with TIME magazine, “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” This is his answer.

“Recognize that the very molecules that make up your body, the atoms that construct the molecules, are traceable to the crucibles that were once the centers of high mass stars that exploded their chemically rich guts into the galaxy, enriching pristine gas clouds with the chemistry of life. So that we are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically. That’s kinda cool! That makes me smile and I actually feel quite large at the end of that. It’s not that we are better than the universe, we are part of the universe. We are in the universe and the universe is in us.” 

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Narration: TIME Magazine’s “10 Questions for Neil Degrasse Tyson”

Music: “To Build a Home” by the Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson

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"Intelligent…girls were often instinctively theatrical, purposely eccentric, mouthing highly suggestive words to confuse people. He had seen a number of such cases when it was impossible to distinguish the real thing from acting."

- Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 (via wordsnquotes)